Appealing to different tastes of thousands of women in over 200 stores with Ipekyol, Twist and Machka brands, Ayaydın-Miroglio Group is one of the respectful and long established companies in the Turkish garment industry.

Incepted by Yalçın Ayaydın in the retail garment industry in 1986, Ipekyol was established with the objective of designing the most desired women's clothing products and accessories, offering different shopping experiences, being an inspiration to the life style of the modern woman and becoming a multinational brand in its local and overseas stores.

Since then, Ipekyol has proved to be among the top tier brands that have gained the fastest recognition and have solidified its position within the shortest time in Turkey.

Twist brand was incepted in 1997 under the group with this achievement, knowledge and experience for women who are younger and prefer alternative clothing. In 2004, the group’s third brand Machka was born, and a successful cooperation was realized with the world renown fashion designers Ece-Ayşe Ege/Dice Kayek. The feminine and post romantic Machka collection prepared by Ece-Ayşe Ege became the first “pret-a porter” brand of Turkey to be one of the building blocks of the Turkish textile industry.

Ayaydın that entered the retail garment industry first with Ipekyol brand in 1986 and grew with Twist brand in 1997 and Machka brand in 2004, incepted Ayaydın - Miroglio Group by merging with the Italian global textile and garment group Miroglio in 2008. Employing 1,870 employees, Ayaydın - Miroglio Group has the common characteristics of both two cultures and the two corporate brands.




•       Entrepreneur:Enjoys being an entrepreneur and leader, dynamic and inspired.

•       Creative:Designer and innovative, visionary, creates and improves herself.

•       Reliable:A fully self confident, prestigious and respected brand. Long established. Complies with business ethics in its works.

•       Friendly:Friendly and cheerful. Uses media effectively, cooperates and shares.

As a result of the determined and sustained growth process of Ayaydın Group since its inception, the group headquarters has been situated in the 10,200 square-meter 12-floor enclosed “smart-building” in Şişli-Bomonti since 2000.



The global garment brands were launched to contribute to the style of the modern urban women of the world and be by their side by complementing the every moment of their lives.

The goal is to closely follow up women for generations and thus increase their enjoyment of life with garment brands that will understand their desires, needs and feelings best, allow them to express themselves and become their most reliable name.



Garment brands are sold in stores, corner stores and exclusive dealers. The stores are opened in shopping centers situated on main streets. Brands are displayed in the largest stores situated in the best place. The growth rate is 20% in average every year with 20 new stores. There are 156 Ipekyol, 63 Twist and 7 Machka stores and a 33,841 square-meter sales area in total across Turkey. The growth target is maintained by franchising system. With this mission, 226 stores were opened in total in 7 countries in 2017. Currently, we have Cyprus, Northern Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia franchises as well as five stores in Panorama and Hayat Mall that are among the most important shopping malls in the capitol of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.


Number of stores reached 226 in 2017



The vision of our production unit is to become a leading producer that sets the standards of excellence in the global women's garment industry.

The mission adopted is to continually improve the system and management quality and create an industry establishment that will fully meet the quality, cost, supply and flexibility needs of the customers.

With this mission, a women's garment factory was established in 2006 close to the European border of Turkey in Edirne on a 17,000 square-meter land with 532 employees that was structured with the nation's first integrated cellular production system with a production capacity that can be increased to App. 4.1 million minutes /month capacity. The Edirne plant that produces entirely under a single center proved to be the most important move for Ayaydın - Miroglio Group that assures quality and standards in a sustainable manner. With its structure, Ipekyol Textile factory became the first and only building that brought to Turkey Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2010 that is one of the most prestigious awards for architecture in the world and has been recognizing the contemporary, successful architectural and urban designs since 1977.