Ayaydın Miroglio Group Vision


Ayaydın Miroglio Group, with the women's textiles brands Ipekyol, Machka and Twist, operating under its roof states its vision as being a multinational brand, designing the most wanted women's clothing and accessories, giving a whole different shopping experience at locations all around Europe and one to inspire the lifestyle of a modern lady.



Ayaydın Miroglio Group Mission Every employee working under the umbrella of Ayaydın Miroglio Group embodies and rightly carries the group mission.


Ayaydın Miroglio Group is to; Make a reality its founder's dream of extending the historic international and intercultural merging point - the Silk Road from Turkey to the very ends of Europe through creativity.


To be complementary factor in all aspects of a modern urban lady by adding to her style. To be accepted by the consumer with full satisfaction in all high quality products, services and work. To create a professionally preferred, additive, dynamic and institutional work place where the organisation learns of the creativity of all employees, who can implement these in real life.


Having been a family owned business since 1986, Ayaydın Miroglio Group continues to work in coherence with its professional crew. It has further adapted to a new administrative style with the Executive Board.


Corporate Structure was founded in 1986 with its first brand Ipekyol for readymade wear retail and partial wholesale.

The group's brand portfolio includes Twist and Machka women's wear brands as well as Ipekyol.

The Ayaydın Miroglio Group headquarters, with its 12 stories, built in 2000 at Şişli-Bomonti on an area of 10,000 metres squared, was designed in such a way as to facilitate administration, product development, marketing, sales, accounting and finance as well as provide for the logistics organisation of styles production operations.

Ayaydın Miroglio Group is going through a corporate and operational shuffle to support its fast and sustainable development.

2004Machka was launched with the summer season. It also became Turkey's first mass culture brand. Machka's first stored was opened in Abdi İpekçi.

2005Machka opened its first flagship store.