Privacy Policy, Information Note On Personal Data Protection


Dear our Valuable Members and Customers;


We would like to inform you about our privacy policy, our communications, Website Terms of Use and our practices related with Processing of Your Personal Data and your rights under the Personal Data Protection Act.


The following principles apply to collection, storage, exchange or processing by İpekyol Giyim Sanayi Pazarlama ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi ("İpekyol" or "us") of your personal data through any means.


What your personal data do we collect through what means?

Personal Data that You Directly Provide to İpekyol:

-Basic personal data such as your name, TR ID number, address, e-mail address and birth data;
- Your shopping history;
- Payment details;
- Data collected via Ipekyol card, MACHKA Card and Twist Card;
- Your marketing and communication preferences.


Personal Data Related to You Collected From Third Parties:

We may exchange a part of your personal data we collected with our dealers, and our business partners under the campaigns that we organized as you permitted and we may collect your personal data from them.
Such personal data may be used for processing your transactions, offering you products and payment methods.


For What Purposes We Are Using Your Personal Data?

Your personal data are mainly used for following purposes:

- To communicate with and provide necessary information to our customers about the terms and conditions, current status and updates of the agreements entered into under the Consumer Protection Act and Remote Agreements Regulation,
- The fulfill the obligations undertaken pursuant to the agreements entered into under the Consumer Protection Act and Remote Agreements Regulation,
- To provide our customers guidance about the products that may interest them by considering their shopping experiences as well as information about the campaigns,
- To improve customer satisfaction, to get to know our customers shopping via website and/or mobile applications and use them in our customer circle analysis, in a variety of marketing and advertisement activities and for this purpose to take polls electronically or physically through contracted institutions,
- To have our contracted parties and solution partners offer suggestions to our customers and inform our customers about our services,
- To evaluate customer complaints and suggestions in relation with our services,
- To fulfill our legal obligations and exercise our rights vested in us by applicable legislation.
You will be notified more clearly under the relevant service, if required by legislation with respect to for what purposes such data are collected and how they will be used.


With Whom and How do We Exchange Your Personal Data?

We may exchange a part of your personal data we collected with our dealers, and our business partners under the campaigns that we organized as you permitted and we may collect your personal data from them. İpekyol may exchange personal data she collected with 3rd parties for assisting us in identifying the products and services offered by such 3rd parties that may draw your interest in relation with direct marketing activities as per your preferences.
    We may use your data for survey and statistical purposes such as analyses of your use of website and mobile applications, preferences and areas of interest.
  We may use your data in order to fight with criminal and fraudulent activities, as required by law, without any notice or express consent, as well as in order to inspect and/or ensure or attain such rights for the compliance of Ipekyol with legislation.


If any of the following events occur, then your personal data may be disclosed;

- As required by laws;
  - To maintain the security of our personnel, public or Ipekyol;
  - To meet any legal proceedings, court award or legal action or
  - A merger, asset stripping or similar procedures.


We may disclose your personal data to 3rd party service providers in order to carry out our activities (i.e.: to get support for information systems management and storage, data analysis etc.)
    In addition, unless you have unsubscribed from receiving direct marketing messages, we may exchange your personal data with third parties who assists us in marketing survey and marketing campaigns.


Commercial Electronic Mails

If you are subscribed, we may deliver you with offers and updates for products and campaigns of Ipekyol via direct marketing methods (i.e. Phone, e-mail, SMS, social networks, mail).  
  In this respect, we may use your other personal data provided by you to us in order to assist us in identifying our products and services, customizing and aggregating them; determining the prices and offering the discounts that may draw your interest.  
  If you are contacted under e-mail, message and other direct marketing activities, you will always be offered with the option of "unsubscription". We may at any time change your marketing preferences by contacting us.  
  Pursuant to The Regulation of Electronic Commerce Act No 6353, the records concerning the withdrawal of the consent will be retained for 1 year following such withdrawal and other records whatsoever with respect to contents of commercial electronic message and its delivery will be retained for 3 years for its submission to the ministry when required to do so. After lapse of said time, your personal data will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized by Ipekyol or upon your request.


Use of Third Party Cookies for Advertisement and Re-targeting

Your personal data are processed via technologies such as "Cookies" and beacons which remembers you when you visit our website in order to improve your online experience.


Mobile applications of Ipekyol brands (Ipekyol, Twist, Machka) use session cookies and persistent cookies. Session ID cookies are deactivated once you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain in your hard drive for a longer time. You can remove persistent cookies and can refuse to accept both session cookies and persistent cookies by following the instructions provided in the "help" file of your browser or visiting the “” or “” websites. If you refuse to accept the persistent cookies or session cookies, you can continue in using the website and mobile application, but you may not access or may have limited access to all functions of website and mobile applications.


If you are using the mobile version-application (smart device application) of the websites (,,, any kind of personal or non-personal data (including location data, products visited and products-price details of purchases) in connection with visits of our members to websites including offline shops of our company as well as sections of our dealers and their shopping transactions in such websites with appropriate methods from bluetooth and wireless network connections, if said functions are enabled in their devices and such data may be processed and exchanged by said companies and corporations at home or abroad under the said context. The results obtained as a result of data processing will only be used for improving customer experiences in the physical and e-store, offering promotional suggestions, customized campaigns and delivering the product offers in connection with Ipekyol affiliated brands (Ipekyol, Twist, Machka).


If members purchases a product/service as a result of said notifications, communications, promotions and advertisements delivered to them, said transaction shall be subject to a consumer agreement to be duly entered into separately. Consumer Agreement shall be applicable within its terms of conditions and between its parties. The terms and condition of order information form-remote sales agreement that you will see during each transactions shall be applicable for your shopping via our website.  
  Our website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used for showing advertisements that are oriented to your areas of interest.  
  Since such data are collected, you may be shown with advertisements that you may potentially have an interest while visiting other websites (by analyzing the data collected during your visit in our website). This can be through the advertisement areas that are shown in the Google search results pages as well as in another website. For instance, if you have not completed transactions related with a product purchase in our website, you may see advertisements related with such product or us in different websites.


You can access the privacy policy of Google with this respect: you can learn how to disable this option at


When you visit our website, we can record your personal data such as hardware and software you used, general location data, how and when you access our website. Such personal data is used in order to offer you products that may interest you, to improve customer experience, to determine prices and/or notify you about current campaigns.  
  If you opt out of receiving our direct marketing message via e-mail, we may use technologies such as pixel tags or links in order to determine your usage and level of interest on the direct marketing materials.  
  When you visit our website, we are automatically recording the IP address of your computer.


Protection of Your Personal Data

Your data shall not be exchanged with third parties without your consent under the above mentioned issues, laws, sanctions, our privacy policy and responsibilities. In addition, your data is exchanged with courts and other governmental agencies as required by our legal obligations and as restricted by the laws.


Your personal data are taken by İpekyol Giyim San. Paz. ve Tic. A.Ş. by through generally accepted and approved Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in the websites (,, and their mobile applications and exchanged through same secure environment with your permission. In case of data exchange with third parties as you permit us to do so, any kind of legal actions are taken. İpekyol Giyim San. Paz. ve Tic. A.Ş. does not accept any responsibility from the data protection policies of third parties who obtained personal data and violations under the responsibility of third parties.


Requests for Accessing, Changing and Destruction of Your Data.

It is important that your personal data recorded by us must be accurate and up-to-date. Therefore, please inform us if your personal data changes. You can change your data in your profile from the "My Account" section in the website.


In addition, pursuant to Personal Data Protection Act No 6698 and applicable legislation, you can;

- be informed as to whether your personal data is processed or not,
  - request details of the data that we collected,
  - be informed for what purpose such data are collected and how they are used, the third parties with which such personal data is exchanged at home or abroad or
  - request the corrections if such data are processed inaccurately or missing and have them updated.
  - If the causes that requires your data be processed cease to exist, then you may request them be deleted, including the notifications to be made to the third parties with whom data are exchanged - If automatic analysis results in to your detriment, you may object it.
  - In case of damages that you incur as a result of illegal processing, you may claim damages.


Amendment of Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy many be amended from time to time. When Privacy Policy is updated, it will be announced in our website.


Contact us

If you have any queries or concerns as regards to our Privacy Policy or other data protection practices or an access demand, you can contact us at following addresses via application form:
Communication Address: Kazım Orbay Caddesi No.35 34381 Bomonti - Şişli
Phone: +90 212 368 01 01